Nuno Malo’s beautiful score for No God, No Master was recorded in Budapest, Hungary with the Budapest Strings Orchestra, select members of the Hungarian National Philharmonic and the Hungarian State Opera House Orchestra. Recorded at Magyar Radio Studios, Hungary’s national recording venue, 62 musicians were conducted by Géza Török of the Hungarian State Opera. In addition, 32 members of the internationally acclaimed Kodály Zoltán Hungarian Choir performed on the score. Solo sessions were recorded in Los Angeles, California, with Tina Guo (cello), Yue Deng (violin) and Ivana Grubelic (piano), and the mix-down of the score was supervised by 4-time Emmy Award winning Music Scoring Mixer Tommy Vicari. The select photos below are from all of these sessions. The track performed in the video is Nuno Malo’s “Opening Titles” for the film.